Blue Babe

Erin Renfro’s solo project, Blue Babe, is an authentic and atmospheric introspection into a darkness not easily shared with others. The indie pop-rock singer-songwriter-composer utilizes her alto voice, cleverly written lyrics, and subtle command of the electric guitar to create music mirroring the most intimate details of her life experiences and her fight against shame in survival.

Renfro was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and spent four years studying music business and audio engineering in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2020, she settled into her third home Berlin, Germany, where she has been focusing on promoting her various projects and taking her production skills to the next level, challenging herself to be as independent in the creation process as possible, and becoming a part of the Berlin open mic scene.

Blue Babe receives a grant of 4,000 euros in 2023.

Portrait of blue babe
Photo: Ash Walpole