Berlin Rehearsal Space Survey: Results & Analysis

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Musicboard Berlin is pleased to present the results and analysis of its Berlin Rehearsal Space Survey. The survey was conducted in May 2020 in response to the shrinking availability of rehearsal spaces in Berlin. The aim of the survey was to determine the supply and demand of rehearsal spaces, especially the ones used for pop music, referring to genres such as pop, hip-hop, rock or electronic music.

A total of 948 Berlin-based musicians participated in the survey. The data collected on the rehearsal space situation, on the requirements for rehearsal spaces and their use, reveal a deficient picture: Not only does the demand for music rehearsal spaces significantly exceed the current supply, but the available spaces also do not meet the needs of the musicians.

348 people, that is more than one-third of the respondents, reported rehearsing at home. For 169 people, this was their only option. Due to lack of alternatives, rehearsals are held in unusual premises, such as offices or storage rooms, or, as one survey participant describes it, in »mouldy, unventilated, dark rooms.« 427 people, or almost half of all participants, said they were looking for an alternative rehearsal space. 65 participants, i. e. 7 percent of all participants, did have no rehearsal space possibility at all at the time of the survey. The rehearsal space options vary according to the genre of the participants.

Questions on the participants’ satisfaction revealed that only one third of the respondents were satisfied with their rehearsal room situation. The reasons given for their dissatisfaction included the lack of available space and inadequate spatial conditions such as insufficient sound insulation.

Based on the quantitative and qualitative results of the Berlin Rehearsal Space Survey, Musicboard Berlin has formulated recommendations for action to improve the rehearsal space situation within the pop-cultural sector. The recommendations include suggestions for the protection and creation of spaces, the funding of independent structures, the creation of a central and public rehearsal space database, as well as a call for taking diversity into account in planning future rehearsal spaces.

In order to better align the rehearsal rooms supply with the needs of musicians, the Berlin Rehearsal Space Survey’s analysis of rehearsal room requirements can be consulted while constructing or equipping future rehearsal rooms and rehearsal room complexes.

In addition to the results and analysis of the Berlin Rehearsal Space Survey, the online brochure contains an overview of existing rehearsal spaces for musicians in Berlin. With the data provided in the publication, Musicboard Berlin supports the Berlin pop-music scene’s call for protecting and creating suitable spaces.


Download the survey results here:
Berlin Rehearsal Space Survey: Results & Analysis


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