Barbie Williams

Barbie Williams is an Argentinian singer, songwriter, and producer. She studied Contemporary music in Buenos Aires, where she developed a particular interest in jazz, folklore, and tango genres. In 2016 she moved to Berlin and immersed herself in electronic music. She collaborated with Berlin-based artists such as Tobias Freund, Kangding Ray, Recent arts, and Duo KEENE, among others. Since 2018, she is the lead singer, co-producer, and songwriter of pop band SIAMES. She is working on her first solo EP where she fuses Latin American music with electronic sounds and eclectic pop.

Melodies emerge from her wistful Patagonian memoirs through choral arrangements and ludic vocal samples. Her lyrics manifest from the everyday, with double-meaning games, through phrases she gathers in the street where she is most inspired. With a feminist stand, she expresses the importance of movement, of independence, of strength and confidence in oneself and life.

Barbie Williams receives a grant of 4,500 euros in 2023 to realize her first EP.

Portrait of Barbie Williams
Photo: Leandro Quintero