Aria’s music is a tribute to feelings. The musician, composer and songwriter created her debut album ›Fantasy Is My Religion‹ in this in-between state. It is a coming-of-age narrative, a tale of growing up from a girl to a woman, with her heart in Castelló d’Empúries and her future in Berlin. With self-confidence and humility, Aria learned to accept her own faults. She turns her values outwards through R&B and soul music, conveys them equally on an emotional lyrical level. The debut was created in collaboration with a producer and friend of Aria in a studio he built himself in his bedroom.

Aria receives a grant of 5,000 euros in 2022 to continue developing the solo project as a band project. In the course of the grant, Aria receives coaching from Jovanka von Wilsdorf.

Aria (Photo: Idoia Iriarte / AyMamaStudio)
Photo: Idoia Iriarte / AyMamaStudio