As ANOTHER NGUYEN, singer and songwriter Ngoc Anh Nguyen makes electronic-tinged, contemplative pop. Influences like Julia Michaels and Adele meet ARY, Tsar B and Emilie Nicolas, fusing together in an intimate way to pose the question of what it actually means to belong. Born to Vietnamese workers and raised as a minority in a small German town, ANOTHER NGUYEN spent many years contemplating her own identity. Her multiple affiliations and the associated multi-perspective experiences have been reflected in her art, both on a lyrical and musical level. ANOTHER NGUYEN is atmospheric and thoughtful, telling of disappointments and pain, but also of uplifting interpersonal relationships.

ANOTHER NGUYEN receives a grant of 6,000 Euros in 2022 for the production and release of an EP. In the course of the grant ANOTHER NGUYEN receives coaching from Nicky Böhm.

ANOTHER NGUYEN (Photo: Jeremy Philip Knowles)
Photo: Jeremy Philip Knowles