The story of &love starts in early spring 2016. Two singer-songwriters from Israel met on one of Jaffa’s most hectic street corners during a street performance on a sunny afternoon. It was one of those rare encounters that, just one month later, led them to cross continents, put aside their individual solo careers and continue their musical journey as a duo. As &love, Gal Klein and Liad Shulrufer explore the interplay between the audible and silence. It is in this dynamic that their music finds a new, uncharted path that creates space for both mesmerisation and contemplation. Their vocal harmonies, gentle folk guitars and soft beats take you for a long drift, then gently lead you closer to what feels like home. For almost three years now, &love have made Berlin their home base as they share their passion for music at venues and festivals across Europe and Israel. In the beginning of 2020, the duo released two chapters of their musical project, ›Agonda 1‹ and ›Agonda 2.‹

For 2020, &love is receiving a grant in the amount of 3,000 euros to implement a range of measures that will promote their music and increase the band’s visibility.

&Love (Foto: Tamar Eisenberg)
&Love (Photo: Tamar Eisenberg)