Allocation of Funding: Support Tour Funding 2022

Concert and club life is in full bloom again – musicians and bands are able to get back into the touring business and catch up on their national and international tour plans, which have been postponed many times due to the pandemic. We are pleased that the restart of the Support Tour Funding programme has been very well received and that we have already been able to support a great number of musicians from all pop genres in their planned support tour projects since February 2022.

The three-member expert jury received 30 formally valid applications with a total volume of 89.488,59 euros for the Support Tour Funding programme in the first half of 2022. 18 applications were recommended for funding with a total funding amount of 52.710,00 euros.

Musicboard’s Support Tour Funding programme supports up-and-coming Berlin pop musicians in their plans to go on national or international tour with a more established act. To be on tour with a headlining act for a longer period, generally exceeds the financial budget of younger bands. This is where the Support Tour Funding comes in, enabling the support act to expand its audience and gain live experiences. The funding is awarded as a purpose-specific scholarship.

In addition to meeting the formal criteria, the jury also places importance to taking into account the diversity of Berlin’s musical landscape and ensuring gender-equitable funding. The jury consists of Anna Groß (Artist and event manager, label operator SPRINGSTOFF GmbH), Sebastian Hoffmann (Programme Director and organiser, consultant touring artists) and Katja Lucker (Managing Director Musicboard Berlin GmbH).

In the first half of the year 2022, the following artists have received Musicboard’s Support Tour Funding:

ArtistTouring withFunding
Albertine SargesCurrent Joys3.400,00 €
anaïsNina Chuba 3.500,00 €
A'thmari.ama 3.300,00 €
BSÍTurbostaat1.350,00 €
DeliluhSquid3.000,00 €
Desintegración ViolentaURIN2.620,00 €
Discovery ZoneJenny Hval3.500,00 €
DonataJosh Savage2.500,00 €
FriedbergHot Chip3.800,00 €
JealousA Place To Buy Strangers2.800,00 €
Maggot HeartUnsane3.300,00 €
NevisFortuna Ehrenfeld 3.700,00 €
Tara Nome DoyleFederico Albanese3.100,00 €
The FlaviansThe Bland2.300,00 €
The toten Crackhuren im KofferraumTerrorgruppe3.300,00 €
The ZenmennAlice Phoebe Lou3.500,00 €
UltraflexTops1.800,00 €
we will kaleidHundreds1.940,00 €

We would like to point out that applications for the Support Tour Funding programme are still possible up to November 30, 2022, subject to the availability of funds. Please make sure to consider the funding requirements when submitting your application.


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