Allocation of Funding: Support Tour Funding – 2nd Half of 2023

In the second half of 2023, Musicboard Berlin awards a total of 51,738.00 euros for support tour projects of Berlin bands and artists. In total, 42 artists received 93,694.00 euros through this funding programme in 2023.

Musicboard’s Support Tour Funding programme supports up-and-coming Berlin pop musicians in their plans to go on national or international tour with a more established act. To be on tour with a headlining act for a longer period, generally exceeds the financial budget of younger bands. This is where the Support Tour Funding comes in, enabling the support act to expand its audience and gain live experiences. The funding is awarded as a purpose-specific scholarship.


The three-member expert jury received 31 formally valid applications with a total volume of 97,514.83 euros for the Support Tour Funding programme in the second half of 2023. 27 applications were recommended for funding, one tour was canceled after funding was approved, so 26 tour projects were funded with a total amount of 51,738.00 euros.

In addition to meeting the formal criteria, the jury also placed importance to taking into account the diversity of Berlin’s musical landscape and ensuring gender-equitable funding. The jury consisted of Anna Groß (Artist and event manager, label operator SPRINGSTOFF GmbH), Sebastian Hoffmann (Programme Director and organiser, consultant touring artists) and Katja Lucker (Managing Director Musicboard Berlin GmbH).

In the second half of the year 2023, the following artists have received Musicboard’s Support Tour Funding:

ArtistTouring withFunding
THILOTim Bendzko2,500.00 €
Lina MalyLEA1,000.00 €
CAVABipolar Feminin1,700.00 €
Meagre MartinAlt-J3,200.00 €
veenus*Blond 1,600.00 €
Anthony WillsNikan1,500.00 €
Discovery ZoneRoosevelt3,000.00 €
Kicker DibsAnsa Sauermann1,200.00 €
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic SwarmSusannah Stark2,000.00 €
Joshua MurphyCrime & The City Solution1,200.00 €
Tal ArditiBlack Sea Dahu1,000.00 €
REMOTE BONDAGEPudeldame1,650.00 €
John MoodsDevendra Banhart3,500.00 €
Minimal SchlagerJaako Eino Kalevi1,200.00 €
SCHRAMMChristin Nichols2,000.00 €
FoundlingTimber Timbre2,900.00 €
Chloe Alice LewerSay Yes Dog3,000.00 €
Melvin HaackGötz Widmann600.00 €
PanoBetterov2,000.00 €
Sofia PortanetBetterov2,000.00 €
A.S. FanningArab Strap688.00 €
Rasha NahasThe Veils2,800.00 €
Ay WingSchwarz2,000.00 €
HopeDepeche Mode3,500.00 €
NASHI44Nura1,000.00 €


The funding programme will be continued next year. The Call for Concepts is planned for January 2024. As in previous years, applications can be submitted in an ongoing process until November 30, 2024.

Support Tour Funding