Allocation of Funding: Additional Scholarships 2023

Musicboard is pleased to announce the awarding of fifteen additional scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to musicians and bands who applied for a project scholarship in 2023 and were recommended for the successor list. Funding is provided to pop musicians and bands who live and work in Berlin.

In 2023, the following artists are being granted additional scholarships:

Artist / BandFunding
Hüma Utku4,500.00 €
Sleepwalk the Dog4,500.00 €
Konstantin König4,500.00 €
Kendy Gable4,500.00 €
Sam Vance-Law4,500.00 €
Ramiro Zayas Ensemble4,500.00 €
Albertine Sarges4,500.00 €
Martha Rose4,500.00 €
yunis4,500.00 €
Wooly Aziz4,500.00 €
Gianni Mae4,500.00 €
Mono Green4,500.00 €
Matching Outfits4,500.00 €
Meron4,500.00 €
Sera Kalo4,500.00 €

The additional scholarships were recommended by the jury of the Scholarships & Residencies programme. It consisted of Aida Baghernejad (cultural journalist, podcaster and presenter), Ji-Hun Kim (editor, journalist, and music producer), Misla Tesfamariam (Artist Manager), Pamela Owusu-Brenyah (freelance A&R, music consultant, curator Pop-Kultur Festival), Thien Nguyen (label operator, DJ, music and film producer) and Katja Lucker (Managing Director of Musicboard Berlin GmbH).

Additional Scholarships