Berlin’s festival for contemporary music from West Asia and North Africa aims not only to create a space for experimentation and new music, but also to represent contemporary music genres from the Arab world and the WANA region. Its focus is on networking and the exchange of experiences between artists from Berlin and the WANA region.

In 2021, over two nights at Festsaal Kreuzberg, AL.Festival celebrated some of the regions’ most innovative acts, underlining Berlin’s role as a hub for artistic developments in the WANA scene. The event featured live performances of acts such as Neshama, Jamila & The Other Heroes, DAM and AL Akhareen.

In 2022, the festival took place for the third time. Artists such as Aziza Brahi, Maryam Sale, Sama’ AbdulHadi, DJ Hilwi and Rasha Nahas gathered to perform at Festsaal Kreuzberg.