Born in Flamez


Foto: Lisanne Schulze

Born in Flamez is a transhuman experiment that came to life in 2013. Shirking notions of identity, s/he subverts gender and genre with a panoply of influences somewhere in the nether regions between grime, industrial pop, and future electronics. BIF was discovered very early by Modeselektor, who shortly after featured the project on their Modeselektion series. Shows in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin followed quickly. In October her debut EP “Polymorphous” dropped on Unreal Audio. Not much later, BIF was added to CTM´s lauded Berlin Current Program, and played shows at Stuk Kunstcentrum, Leuven; Mutek Festival Mexico and CTM – festival Berlin. BIF´s live shows are as tender as they are energetic, a short part of her Berlin set with live drums will be featured on UK radio station NTS very soon. Her DJ sets can vary depending on the occasion, she recently showcased her dark and experimental side at Bolier room Berlin. Club sets like BIF´s notorious set at Berlin´s queer insitution GEGEN tend to the dance side of things fusing UK mutations of grime and house with jungle, dark step and industrial.

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