SoT 2_Kevin Klein

Foto: Kevin Klein

Gloomy psychedelia, shoegaze and extravagant sound experiments characterize the music of Suns of Thyme. These four guys from Berlin create with their soundscapes a mystical atmosphere that is reminiscent of Can and early Pink Floyd with the noisy touch of Spacemen 3 or My Bloody Valentine. Their debut album Fortune, Shelter, Love and Cure is a representative of a specific phase or mood of its creators. It reflects the time of absolute freedom, self-discovery and the unburdened search for a particular sound. Whilst others try to polish their rough diamond with rebellious verve, Suns of Thyme cast their spell with a mixture of confidently stylish humility and knowledgeable self-assurance. Of course one can see influences of past decades but others should hold genre and retro debates on their own and rather see what the band creates out of them. On their driving single Soma (God For Gods) the lo-fi character is as secondary as the pedal work; it is however the thrilling harmonies, the hypnotic passion and the pulsating rhythm that immediately seize the attention.