pop im ausland

pia – pop im ausland is a series that pays special attention to the fringes of what is generally perceived as pop music. It remains true to ausland’s avant-garde and experimental identity while also combining elements of pop that are geared towards a broader public. Unusual concepts, a wealth of creativity and  uncompromising self-expression are just as important as a strong performance. pop im ausland’s programme never has a dull, formulaic moment. In 2021, the focus of the three-day mini-festival was on female* and queer artists and ensembles from Berlin who have demonstrated both social commitment and outstanding artistic achievement. The event took place with a live audience as well as online. Spectators enjoyed performances by acts such as Cynthia-ël Hasbani & fanfin, Pose Dia, Oyèmi Noize, Gym Tonic and Evvol.

pop im ausland event banner