Panicale, Italy

Musicboard Berlin offers a four-week residency in Panicale, Italy to a Berlin-based pop musician or musical duo.

Intended for a solo artist or duo living and working in Berlin. The residency prioritises musicians working in electronic or neo-/contemporary classical music. Applicants should show a high degree of independence and initiative, and should be open to interdisciplinary exchange.

About four weeks in 2020. The exact timeframe of the residency can be coordinated between the organiser and the selected artist.











Photos: Magherita Belaief

About Panicale
Panicale is a small medieval hilltop town in Umbria which overlooks the picturesque Lake Trasimeno. The residency is organised through Margherita Belaief, an art lover, curator, and Panicale native living between Berlin and Umbria. Each year she hosts a Musicboard resident in her apartment in Panicale, and in doing so helps to promote exchange between the Italian and German music scenes.

Residency Details
Panicale is ideal for musicians who are seeking a quiet refuge in which to write, compose, reflect, and work on their music. The residency is a special opportunity for immersion into small-town Italian culture and into the surrounding nature. Public transportation is very limited. A studio and technical equipment are not provided. Each year, Margherita Belaief organises at least one local concert as an opportunity for the resident to showcase their new work.

Musicboard’s Contributions
Musicboard covers all of the costs associated with the stay. This includes round-trip travel costs as well as food, accommodation, working/rehearsal space, and project-related costs when applicable.

The annual application deadline for the Scholarship & Residencies program is March 1, 2020. All application-related information and the link to the online form can be found here.

Musicboard Alumni Panicale
Dena – 2019
UCC Harlo
– 2018
M.E.S.H– 2017

Please contact Maureen Noe with questions about the Scholarships & Residencies program:
Tel.: +49 (0)30 288 787 88