Oihane Roach

Berlin-based Oihane Roach is a singer, songwriter and composer. In her songs she tells transgenerational stories of love and solidarity. With her warm, clear voice and poetic lyrics she creates a moving sound that oscillates between soul, singer-songwriter and alternative pop. Her vocals are accompanied by a capella loops and harmonic keys. Oihane Roach has performed in various band constellations and released her debut EP ›Patterns‹ in 2021, as well as the feature singles ›Dein Brief‹ with MC Josh and ›Enjoy the Ride‹ with DJ Grace Kelly.

In 2022, Oihane Roach was granted the Co-Creation Rresidency in Berlin and Accra, during which she collaborated with the artist Poetra Asantewa from Accra. They presented a joint live show as part of Pop-Kultur festival 2022.

Oihane Roach (Foto: Jasmine Bell)