HINTERHALT Commission 2020

Again in 2020, Musicboard Berlin will cooperate with the Deutsche Oper Berlin to award two domestic scholarships for the composition (electronic and/or instrumental) and realisation of an evening in the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT at Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Intended for a solo artist or a duo living and working in Berlin. Musicians of all genres of popular music are encouraged to apply. Formal musical training is not a prerequisite.

Conception and composition of the piece in 2020; production in 2021.

Photo: Eike Walkenhorst

The late-night performance series AUS DEM HINTERHALT has been taking place in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin since 2016. Under the guidance of an artistic director, the series produces experimental music theatre and provides a platform for the premieres of newly composed music as well as for the adaptation of existing own works, songs, installations, and performances.

The idea behind the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT is to showcase commentaries on one of the works from this year’s “great” operatic repertoire—commentaries which inspect, reflect, and override as they dissect and reassemble, and always at once subversively and anarchically, subtly and critically. On these evenings blurring the boundaries between concert and music theatre, performance and installation, guest artists from disparate disciplines are invited to join the artistic director and members of the ensemble and orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Together they will look at the work in question as if “from the outside,” react to it, and create something new. The 2020-2021 season centres on the theme “The Power of the Arts.” Previous guest artists include Peaches, the Neubauten drummer N.U. Unruh, the New York no-wave icon Lydia Lunch, the duo Amnesia Scanner, Black Cracker, Mary Ocher and even Frank Bretschneider. Since the beginning of 2019, the artistic direction of the series has rested in the hands of the Berlin-based Swiss artist, composer, singer, and director Elia Rediger (including Brigade Futur 3, Ex-The bianca Story).

HINTERHALT Commission 2020
Musicboard’s HINTERHALT Scholarship supports the composition (electronic and/or instrumental) of the music for an evening in the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT, which takes place in the Tischlerei of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, as well as the evening’s conception and realisation (planned together with the curators of the series). The Musicboard scholarship holder will develop an artistically stand-alone evening of music theater as commentary on one of the opera works premiering on the main stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the same season. The ways in which this commentary engages with the opera and the parts and/or aspects of the opera it addresses are up to the scholarship holder to decide upon. The integration of singers and musicians from the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin is expected. The scholarship holder will develop the piece out of her or his own material in thematic and conceptual cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin, and will realise the piece’s world premiere.

In 2020, as in 2019, the HINTERHALT Scholarships will be set in dialogue with Richard Wagner’s DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN.
With the cooperation of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the artistic director, bold and cross-genre formats will come into being.

HINTERHALT DIE WALKÜRE: October/November 2021


Contributions from the Musicboard:

  • Funding for conception and composition: 5.000,00 EUR

Contributions from the Deutsche Oper Berlin:

  • Fee for the evening’s performance: 1.000,00 EUR
  • Participation of singers and musicians from the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin (upon consultation with the opera and orchestra directors)
  • Dramaturgical support as well as supervision of both the conceptual work and the interpretation of the main-house opera work by a dramaturge of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and the curator of the series, Elia Rediger
  • Provision of the Tischlerei as venue
  • Preparation and rehearsal time in the Tischlerei: 4 days before the performance
  • Provision of light, video, and sound technicians (as available in the Tischlerei)
  • Supervision of the production by the technical staff of the Tischlerei
  • Provision of the “basic setting” stage equipment for AUS DEM HINTERHALT (consists of canvas, beanbags, couches, and platforms, which can be used in consultation with the stage designer)
  • Costumes: individual pieces or props may be borrowed from the main collection in consultation with the production designer and the costume director
  • Supervision by the marketing and press department of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the usual context of the HINTERHALT series
  • Opportunity to visit the opera and become acquainted with the business


The annual application deadline for the Scholarships & Residencies program is March 1, 2020. All application-related information and the link to the online form can be found here.

Musicboard Alumni HINTERHALT Scholarship
Ben Jackson– 2018
GIL – 2018
Nils Ostendorf – 2019
Queen Alaska – 2019

Please contact Maureen Noe with questions about the HINTERHALT Commission:
E-Mail: maureen.noe@musicboard.berlin.de
Tel.: +49 (0)30 288 787 88