Havana, Cuba

In cooperation with Endirecto, Musicboard will grant one Berlin pop musician a two-month residency abroad in Havanna, Cuba.


Intended for a solo artist living and working in Berlin. Pop musicians of all genres may apply. Basic knowledge of Spanish is an advantage. Applicants should show a high degree of independence and personal initiative, and should be open to interdisciplinary exchange.

Two months in 2020. The exact period of the residency can be coordinated between the cooperation partner and the selected musician.

Photo: Paula Schopf

About Endirecto
Endirecto is a music agency that is focused on Cuban music and operates internationally. In Cuba, it is involved in the production of the Baila En Cuba festival and with the Cuban music forum Primera Linea. The office in Havana is located in the Estudios Abdala, Cuba’s best-known recording studios.

Residency Details
Cuba is known for its musical tradition and its diverse range of rhythms and original music styles. Besides the small but very lively local “bottom up” scenes, most of the music industry in Cuba is state-organised. In Cuba, all musicians are affiliated with the Cuban Music Institute (ICM). Depending on the genre, the Musicboard residents will be connected locally, via this institute, to the appropriate agencies for rock, pop, hip hop/rap, electronic music, jazz, or classical music. Via this network, the Musicboard resident will be connected to a Cuban musician who will act as a mentor. It will be possible for the resident to work together with this mentor in the studio, to implement her or his own concrete musical projects on-site, and to explore the Cuban music scene. The scholarship holder should be interested in Cuban music and be very active and independent.

Musicboard’s Contributions
Musicboard covers all of the costs associated with the stay. This includes round-trip travel costs as well as food, accommodation, working/rehearsal space, and project-related costs when applicable.

The application deadline for the Scholarships & Residencies program is March 1, 2020. All application-related information and the link to the online form can be found here.

Musicboard Alumni Havanna
Christine Börsch-Supan (Hope) – 2019
Paula Schopf – 2018

Please contact Maureen Noe with questions about the Scholarships & Residencies program:
E-Mail: maureen.noe@musicboard.berlin.de
Tel.: +49 (0)30 288 787 88