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Around 150 funded musicians and music projects in Berlin are supported by the Musicboard annually through its Scholarships and Residencies, Support Tour Funding as well as the funding programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, Pop im Kiez and Festival Funding. You can view all of the projects funded thus far by Musicboard Berlin here.
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Godmother (Foto: Andrey Kezzyn)


Godmother are critical theory in pop-music drag. A non-binary identity becomes a Weltanschauung, challenging dichotomies such as real and artificial, …

Evvol (Photo: Wilkosz & Way)


Noir moodscapes you can dance to was one critic’s response to Evvol’s 2015 debut ›Eternalism‹. The band – aka Irish …

Die Wilde Jagd (Foto: Jakub Koncir)

Die Wilde Jagd

Die Wilde Jagd (›The Wild Hunt‹) is a project of Berlin-based musician Sebastian Lee Philipp in collaboration with co-producer Ralf …

Okan Frei


OKAN FREI, born as son of a Turkish guest worker family in Berlin, is a child from Orient and Occident. …