Detroit, U.S.A.

In cooperation with the Detroit-Berlin Connection, Musicboard will grant a Berlin pop musician working in electronic music a residency abroad in Detroit, U.S.A.

Intended for a solo artist living and working in Berlin. The residency is exclusively offered to musicians working in electronic music. Applicants should show a high degree of independence and personal initiative, and should be open to interdisciplinary exchange.

About six weeks in the year of application or the following year. The exact period of the residency will be coordinated between the cooperation partner and the selected musician.



















Photo: La Fraicheur

Special Information
As the birthplace of techno, Detroit has been closely connected to the Berlin techno scene since the 1990s. The collaboration between Musicboard and the Detroit-Berlin Connection has given rise to a residency that provides Berlin-based electronic musicians with special opportunities for artistic development and networking. In Detroit, the Musicboard residents live and work on the premises of the legendary techno label and DJ collective Underground Resistance as well as the younger collective Detroit Techno Militia. In addition to the in-house record store Submerge, there are also recording studios on-site that may be used by the Musicboard resident.

Musicboard’s Contributions
Musicboard covers all of the costs associated with the stay. This includes round-trip travel costs as well as food, accommodation, working/rehearsal space, and project-related costs when applicable.

The application deadline for the Scholarships & Residencies programme is March 15, 2019. All application-related information and the link to the online form can be found here.

Musicboard Alumni
Sarah Farina – 2018
La Fraicheur – 2017
Sam Barker – 2016
Pilocka Krach – 2015

Please contact Maureen Noe with questions about the Scholarships & Residencies program:
Tel.: 030 / 288 787 88