Ben Jackson 2018

Electronic producers Tielsie and Ben Jackson will radically reinterpret La Sonnambula, the 1827 opera by Italian composer by Vincenzo Bellini, in a February 2019 performance as part of Deutsche Oper Berlin’s series Aus Dem Hinterhalt. French producer Tielsie’s music shows a rare formal mastery turned towards an affect of sheer joy and exuberance. Pitchfork has praised his “staggering rhythmic imagination,” and called his music “like footworking on top of a rainbow.” Ben Jackson is a producer from Newfoundland, Canada, whose glossy productions take the rhythmic and timbral forms of popular electronic music and bring them into unfamiliar emotional territory, trafficking the border between pop and experimental. The pastoral romantic opera La Sonnambula centres around the village orphan Amina, whose love and betrothal is thrown into chaos when she is found sleepwalking. The two artists locate their outsider’s reinterpretation of La Sonnambula within the space of Amina’s dream. The dream becomes a prismatic space where they take the musical and physical content of the opera and metamorphise its structures, textures, and sensations within their own reveries.

Ben Jackson is the scholarshipholder of the domestic scholarship within the AUS DEM HINTERHALT-series at Deutsche Oper Berlin.