Allocation of Funding: Project Funding – 2nd Funding Round 2024

In the second funding round of the programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin and Pop im Kiez in 2024, Musicboard Berlin is supporting 16 projects with a total volume of 174,658.00 euros. The fifth Tag der Clubkultur, organised by the Clubcommission, is also being funded by Musicboard this year.

In the funding programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin and Pop im Kiez, 99 applications with a total volume of 1,659,085.06 euros were submitted to Musicboard in the second funding round for 2024. The jury recommended 16 projects with a total volume of 174,658.00 euros for funding. Two projects within the funding programme Karrieresprungbrett receive funds that are available to Musicboard from 2024 to support coaching and mentoring of Berlin-based musicians. Musicboard will further strengthen its focus on these areas in the future. Corresponding measures are currently being developed and will be initiated and presented in the course of 2024/2025.

Funding is awarded upon recommendation of an independent jury of Berlin-based pop experts. In 2024, the jury for the project funding consists of Christoph Reimann, Edna Martinez, Melissa Kolukisagil, Ulrich Hartmann, and Wieland Krämer. The jury appreciates the numerous submissions and states: »While superstars are earning record sums, it is becoming increasingly difficult for mid-level pop musicians to finance themselves. Especially newcomers are having a hard time: Because it’s almost impossible to earn money off of them, these artists are at risk of being left behind. With your projects and initiatives, you are helping to counter this development. You stand up for young talent, for the revitalisation of overlooked neighbourhoods and the diversity of Berlin’s pop music.«

In addition, Musicboard is supporting the fifth Tag der Clubkultur, a project of the Clubcommission. The Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion has approved additional funding totalling 550,000.00 euros to support the event. In 2024, under the motto »Beyond tomorrow – Remaining hopeful in chaos« Tag der Clubkultur will again recognise the efforts and dedication of Berlin’s club culture.


Karrieresprungbrett Berlin funds projects and platforms – from concert and club series, workshops and talks to interdisciplinary formats – that support up-and-coming artists and other newcomers from the pop music business and help boost their careers on a national or international level. For the programme Karrieresprungbrett Berlin 60 applications were submitted. The total volume of all applications amounted to 1,041,901.34 euros, with 119,607.50 euros being awarded to 10 projects. The projects musicBwomen* 2024 and Fortune Teller are funded through additional funds for coaching and mentoring activities.

ApplicantProject titleFunding
Berlin School of Sound gUGPOP in Exile18,000,00 €
Nuts And BoltsNuts And Bolts Workshops 202416,000,00 €
Melissa PeralesCafé Chocolat16,000,00 €
amSTARtBERLINTOUCH 202415,000,00 €
Berlin Music Commission eGmusicBwomen* 202413,000,00 €
Flutwelle MagazinMansplaining Reversed10,000,00 €
Neo SeefriedTECHNOTRANS – a transKlubnacht at Ohm10,000,00 €
Ivy RossiterÉclat Crew Berlin9,823,50 €
Hanno LeichtmannSonic Matters6,109,00 €
A-Okay ManagementFortune Teller5,675,00 €

The programme Pop im Kiez funds projects – whether pilots, campaigns or a series of initiatives – that increase the acceptance of live music in the pop music domain within a particular neighbourhood in Berlin. It’s a response to the current displacement of subcultural spaces in Berlin and intends to support musicians and their networks that are based in a particular neighbourhood scene. For the programme Pop im Kiez 39 applications were submitted. The total volume of all applications amounted to 617,156.72 euros, with 55,050.50 euros being awarded to 6 projects.

ApplicantProject titleFunding
KUNSTrePUBLIK e.V. (ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik)Spaces15,000.00 €
Torhaus Berlin e.V.Field Recordings10,000.00 €
Nicolas TeubalFeed The River10,000.00 €
Roxanna RawsonAcoustic folk festival in Weißensee10,000.00 €
Kultur im Quartier e.V.BLINDSPOT Concerts5,050.50 €
Oluwatobiloba IbikunleRice n Beans5,000.00 €

Funded Projects