Albertine Sarges & The Sticky Fingers

Photo: Max Hilsamer

With her musical projects, Albertine Sarges, who grew up during Berlin-Kreuzberg’s post-reunification period, aims to take in feminist theory, musings on bisexuality, gender stereotypes and mental health. These topics fall under the ever-shifting veneer of Albertine’s chameleonic pop motifs: from Viv Albertine-inspired post-punk and kaleidoscopic dream-pop to quiet-loud guitar squall and Tune-Yards-inspired vocal acrobatics. After numerous collaborative projects, including the Italian synthwave band Itaca, Holly Herndon and Kat Frankie, Albertine Sarges has rounded up a new band, the Sticky Fingers, for their debut LP. ›The Sticky Fingers‹ is being released in January 2021 by Moshi Moshi Records in London.

For 2020, Albertine Sarges & The Sticky Fingers has been granted the domestic residency at Schloss Bröllin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.