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ACHTUNG: Die Englische Übersetzung dient ausschließlich zu Informationszwecken; bindend ist allein die deutsche Fassung. The English translation exclusively serves informational purposes; solely the German version is binding.

The dialog with Berlin music experts and musicians showed that especially the up-and-coming, emerging bands have difficulties to play on stage in front of larger publics. To play as support act or opening act for a known main band on national or international stages enables to expand your audience and fanbase and to gain valuable experience in live performances. But to be on tour with a band for a longer period, generally exceeds the financial budget of younger bands, that is why Musicboard established the program ‘support funding’.

Bands and artists can apply for ‘support funding’ from January 1 until November 30, 2018.

The band or artist have made Berlin their main place of residence and work. The applicants’ country of origin is irrelevant. At the time of application, the date of the tour with a well known band has to be fixed, as well as, any possible expenses for accommodation, equipment and travel/transport costs. The Musicboard Berlin grants up to 500.- Euros per artist or band member (management, sound and lighting engineers are also counted as band members).

+++ In 2017, the Musicboard especially focused on the support of female artists in pop culture. Musicboard will consider a 50% funding of artists in the program ‘Support funding’ in 2018, too. +++

For the application, the following documents have to be submitted:

1. Completed and signed application form, including a project description and de minimis declaration

2. Tour schedule including venues and dates

3. Confirmation of the touring band

4. Overview about your artistic professional history including stage experience, performances/gigs, and cooperations with other artists/musicicans

5. Financial plan indicating the requested amount of funding

6. Copy of registration issued by the registration office (Meldebestätigung des Einwohneramts) or identity card – for non-EU nationals: copy of your passport, including the pages indicating titel of residence, duration of the stay and type of work permit. The place of residence, Berlin, must be clearly visible.

Applications are constantly reviewed. Only completed applications signed as an original document are considered. All information will be treated as confidential and used only for the application process and funding purposes.

The application has to be sent by mail as an original signed document to the following address:

Musicboard Berlin GmbH
Postfach: 65 03 63
13303 Berlin

If there are any problems or questions regarding the application, please contact Melike Öztürk via e-mail or phone:

Office hours for telefon inquiries:
Phone: +49 (0)30 280 467 67
Tuesday:         11am – 3pm
Wednesday:       11am  – 3pm

Funding guidelines, application form & further documents ‘support funding’ 2018