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+++ The deadline for application for the funding program ‘Scholarships & Residencies’ 2019 is March 15. +++

ACHTUNG: Die Englische Übersetzung dient ausschließlich zu Informationszwecken; bindend ist allein die deutsche Fassung. The English translation exclusively serves informational purposes; solely the German version is binding.

The Musicboard Berlin GmbH is the only German institution providing scholarships and residencies for pop musicians.

The Musicboard Berlin GmbH funds innovative ideas based on a realistic concept. There are no defined topics but rather common purposes the funding authority and the funding recipient try to achieve together. The Musicboard Berlin GmbH provides scholarships and residencies to pop musicians who made Berlin their main place of residence and work. The applicants’ country of origin is irrelevant. Musicians who have already attracted attention through outstanding creative performance and professionalism are eligible for application. By funding of promising musicians the Musicboard Berlin GmbH supports the internationalisation of Berlin’s pop-cultural scene.

The scholarships and residencies will be granted by the Musicboard Berlin GmbH and an independent jury of pop music experts from Berlin:

– Anne Haffmans, music -und labelmanager Domino Records
– Charlotte Goltermann, music manager, music consultant
– Katja Lucker, managing director Musicboard Berlin GmbH
– Heiko Hoffmann, chief editor Groove
– Jens Balzer, pop-expert, music journalist
– Alexandra Holtsch, Deutsche Oper Berlin

The jury decides according to the quality of the work and the chances of success of the presented project/intention. The decision of the jury will be announced approx. 4 – 6 weeks after the deadline (approx. beginning of May 2019). There is no entitlement to claim a subsidy. The applicant – when granted a scholarship – agrees to present his/her work or project at a concert or workshop organised by the Musicboard Berlin GmbH, if form and content of the project allow this.

+++ Since 2017, the Musicboard focuses especially on the support of female artists in pop culture. The Musicboard and the jury consider a 50% genderbalance for funding artists in the ‘Scholarships & Residencies’ program. +++

How do the scholarships work?
A Musicboard scholarship is a personalised funding for a pop-musician/band for a limited period of time to realise a new musical idea or project, or to develop the artistic and creative abilities and professional skills (e.g. album or video production, website design, songwriting process, development of cooperations). For instance, this may be the case when working on a single subject, the preparation or implementation of projects or productions not being possible to realise without public funding.

A scholarship is limited to three, maximum six months (given period of time: ranging from May 2019 – December 2019). The amount is not fixed and will be granted depending on each application and the decision of the jury. Previous funding volume of the scholarships: between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. Applicants have to hand in a financial plan justifying the requested amount.

During the scholarship period it is possible to work in Berlin or to go on a self-organised stay abroad. The applicant must state her or his desired place of work in the application.

HINTERHALT-scholarship: In cooperation with Deutsche Oper Berlin Musicboard will offer two domestic scholarships. The Scholarship contains the conception and composition of an evening within the AUS DEM HINTERHALT-series. More information on request.

How do the residencies work?
In cooperation with a range of partners, the Musicboard grants different residencies abroad and covers flight costs, accommodation, living expenses and partly project money. The respective residency partners will support the artist with networking to the local music scene, as well as facilitating access to events or setting up a possible showcase. The duration of a residency is fixed, the precise period of the residency will be partly arranged in agreement with the selected artist and the cooperation partner.

Applying for a residency abroad: Applicants can tick several residency options in one residency application. One letter of motivation (max. one page) must be handed in pertaining to each ticked residency. There is no need to submit a financial plan when applying for a residency abroad.

Musicians applying for a residency should maintain a high degree of autonomy and personal initiative as well as an open mind for interdisciplinary exchange.


Overview of the scholership holders & residencies 2018: Overview_scholarships_residencies_2018_EN.pdf


Residencies abroad 2019:

Residency at Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
In cooperation with the Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House association the Musicboard offers a 3-month working sojourn for a single Berlin-based artist the following year, i.e. in 2020. The precise period of the residency will be arranged with the selected artist. The duration is fixed and cannot be altered. Artists of all genres can apply.

Residency at Vila Sul, Salvador de Bahia, Brasil
In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut a 2-month residency will be granted to Berlin-based artist at Vila Sul. The duration is fixed and cannot be altered. Artists of all genres can apply.

Residency in Detroit, U.S.A.
In cooperation with the Detroit-Berlin Connection an approx. 6-week residency in Detroit will be granted to a Berlin-based artist from the electronic music field. The precise period of the residency will be arranged with the selected artists and the cooperation partners on-site.

Residency in Teheran, Iran
In cooperaion with Goethe-Institut and Border Movement an approx. 5-week residency in Teheran will be granted to a Berlin-based artist. The precise period of the residency will be arranged with the selected artists and the cooperation partners on-site. Artists of all genres can apply.

Residency in Sri Lanka and India
In cooperation with Goethe-Insitut, Border Movement and Wild City a Berlin-based artist from the electronic music scene will be granted a 2-months residency in Sri Lanka and India.

Residency with A.M.I. (Aides aux Musiques Innovatrices), Marseille, France
In cooperation with A.M.I. a 2-week residency and an organised showcase in Marseille will be granted to a Berlin-based artist/duo, preferably from the electronic / experimental music field. Knowledge of French would be an advantage.

Residency with LePlan, Ris-Orangis, Paris, France
In cooperation with LePlan a 2-week residency in Ris-Orangis and an organised showcase on-site will be granted to a Berlin-based artist/duo. Knowledge of French would be an advantage. Artists of all genres can apply.

Residency in Panicale, Umbria, Italy
Musicboard will grant a 4-week residency in Panicale, Umbria to a Berlin-based artist / duo, preferably from the electronic music / neo classic scene and an organised showcase at music festival Umbria Che Spacca.

Residency in Havana, Cuba
In cooperation with Endirecto a 8-week residency in Havana, Cuba will be granted to a Berlin-based artist. Artists of all genres can apply. More information on request.

The application must contain:

  • Completed application form
  • Detailed description of the artistic project and motivation
  • Detailed overview of the prefessional artistic history, including stage experience, performaces/gigs, e.g. cooperation with other musicians/artists
  • Work samples: please choose 3 tracks that characterize your work best (please no lists of links). We accept MP3s only. They may be uploaded directly into the online-form.
  • Financial plan, accounting the amount of the requested funding (not necessary when applying for residencies abroad)
  • Copy of registration issued by the registration office (residency proof) or identity card – duos and bands need a proof from every member. For citizens of non-EU countries: additional copies of passport, residence permit, duration of stay, type of work permit. Berlin as place of residence must be clearly evident!

Members of the jury as well as employees of the Senate of Berlin (Senatskanzlei) or the Musicboard Berlin GmbH and their relatives are excluded from application.

Further indications
Only completed applications with a genuine signature, sent within the deadline and together with the required documents and samples of the applicant’s works will be considered for funding. All information will be treated as confidential and will be used solely for decision-making and funding purposes.

Deadline for application is March 15, 2019 – midnight (turning 16th). The application can be made in German or English. You can submit online until 0pm that day. The original documents including a genuine signature have to be sent by mail within a week after the deadline:

Musicboard Berlin GmbH
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin

If you have any questions or problems with the online application form, do not hesitate to contact Musicboard via e-mail or phone.

Melike Öztürk:

Link to the online application form, FAQ & telephone number:

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    the online application form will be online at the beginning of the year 2019
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  • Telephone inquiries: Maureen Noe
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