Festival funding


+++ The deadline for application for the program ‘Festival funding’ was February 1, 2017. Next years’ application deadline will probably be February 1, 2018.+++

ACHTUNG: Die Englische Übersetzung dient ausschließlich zu Informationszwecken; bindend ist allein die deutsche Fassung. The English translation exclusively serves informational purposes; solely the German version is binding.

The Musicboard Berlin GmbH champions and invests in the Berlin pop music scene to enrich and strenghten its cultural and economic appeal, both nationally and internationally. By ‘pop music’, the Musicboard Berlin GmbH summarizes all genres and sub genres of popular music. The Musicboard Berlin GmbH funds by supporting innovative ideas based on realistic concepts, and by investing in projects with beneficial effects for the pop music scene and economy. There are no defined topics rather common purposes the funding authority and funding recipient try to achieve together. With the ‘Call for Concepts’ the Musicboard Berlin GmbH encourages professionals of the Berlin pop music scene to apply their experience and test new and innovative approaches.

The program ‘Festival funding’ supports music festivals of all genres of popular music with the aim to generate perspectives for action and planning. Particular focus is on festivals involving up-and-coming talents in music and the music industry.

+++ In 2017, the Musicboard will especially focus on the support of female artists in pop culture. When setting up your project, ensure a participation of women by 50% (e.g. 50/50 booking, work shop leader, participating artists, etc.) . +++

Overview of the funded projects 2017: Project_overview_Festival_funding_2017 – ENGL.pdf

The supported projects should generate an overall benefit for the pop music scene and music industry, thus the submitted projects should comprise a total scope of 10,000 euros (which doesn’t have to be the requested amount of funding). Projects for the up-and-coming professionals, cooperations in Berlin and projects with self-participation are given preference in the selection. The implementation of the proposed project cannot commence before the notification of the funding decision and must be scheduled for and concluded within the specific year of funding.

You will find detailed information on the following topics in the Musicboard funding guidelines for funding programs 2017 (see download-pdf below):

  1. Funding objectives and legal basis
  2. Object of Funding
  3. Funding recipient
  4. Prerequisites for funding
  5. Type, scope and rates of funding, e.g. financial plan
  6. Other terms and conditions
  7. Procedure
  8. Period of validity

If there are any problems or questions regarding the online application, please do not hesitate to contact Melike Öztürk via e-mail: melike.oeztuerk@musicboard.berlin.de

Funding guidelines, information & documents ‘Festival funding’ 2017, link to the online application, office hours for telephone inquiries